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Laminated plastic cover made on imported plastic and laminated plastic with maroon rexin pipin. Lace saree cover has jari lace pattern adorned on the top. Designer saree cover is used for regular and daily purpose. Maroon saree cover has capacity of 1 saree or garment.
Cosmetic Organizer made on imported parachute material and matty material. Matty fabric Organizer is round shape with section inside to keep all cosmetic stuff. Water proof orgnizer is mainly use as cosmetic kit and organizer. soft travel organizer is very handy and exclusive piece.
Designer shirt cover made on imported plastic with golden soft rexin material pipin and pattern adorned . Golden shirt cover has a 3 side closing with good space.
Jewellery kits Made on imported plastic with colorful jari brocade tissue fabric inside. Jewellery organizer has inside material satin to make economical. Jewellery pouches are specially crafted with all the section and pouches to keep all your belongings inside. Available only in single color. Kits and pouches are used for all purposes.
Pink colr inner wear organizer made on imported flexi plastic material with an option to make big and small. UG organizer has a best option to set in any size of drawer or shelf. It is used to keep ladies inner wear.